Monday, July 04, 2005

Bush and G8 on Climate Change

Climate change is the only topic where I can say that I agree with Mr. Bush and his assertion. A limit on CO2-emission will most likely cause more damage than do good (ex)ample: see Kyoto Protocol and Europe), also it is likely not to work (again, see Kyoto and Europe: Greece has 50 % more Emissions than allowed and even France has 8 % over the guidelines). I agree that there is a climate change and that we have to deal with it in the long run. However, there is nothing to be alarmed about. We will assess this in due time and have the right answers to the question, which will be posed in 300 something years.

I don't deny climate change, what I deny is the outcome of a bit warming, which other scientists perceive as so dangerous. As Mr. Steve McIntyre summarized on his blog, there is a hockey-team that wants alarmism to continue and even disregards the calls to active productive research (to be found here: Censure is normal on this board and so disagreeing views are of no concern to them.
I think something is wrong with science, when the advocates are trying to alarm the world, but don't provide any leads to how a solution would be achieved. It is always easy to find a problem and not to think about a solution, or leave it to engineers and else to solve the problem.
This is exactly the kind of negative science that has won over the public. Of course, there are many problems in the world, that we must deal with, but we can't take care of all of them at once.

There is still dissent over the MBH program, which has been kept secret by Mann even after several requests. Therefore the issue of global warming and most important the magnitude of its influence on climate change and the causes for it, are still to be discussed.

In this light, it is only reasonable by Mr. Bush not to rush to any judgment, which shows a rather distinguished view, which I only contribute to the influence of big business in the US policies - well, on the other side those big businesses are complying with Green Emission regulations.
Still, in the end, it is Mr. Bush (this time) who shows a clarity of mind, which is lost to most European leaders.

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