Sunday, April 03, 2005

Al-Kaida or Iraqi Resistance

That's the petty question one has to ask himself, in the light of the recent series of violence in - what an Islamist website describes as - "Mesopotamia".
The attack on Abu Ghreib on Saturday has proven that Al-Kaida is far from being out of order or crippled and can still coordinate and organize effective strikes.

"Your brothers in the al Qaeda Organisation (for Holy War) in Iraq launched a
well-planned attack on Abu Ghraib prison, where Muslim women and men are held," said the statement posted on a website used by Islamists.

This does still not say much about the motivation. It can be that the web-source is right and it was Al Qaeda (supposedly trying to rescue its own warriors) or not.
If they put up the film of the night attack which injured 44 guards and 12 detainees, this would prove that it was an attack by Al-Kaida.
On the other hand, it would be understandable if this attack came from some sort of angered Iraqi citizenship, because Abu Ghreib is still a disgrace on Middle East soil, at least to those civilians living there.
It is a symbol to those people, that the US doesn't stand to their own words and more so that the US is using the same methods against its enemies as Saddam did (although in the name of alleged peace and liberty).

In my eyes, it looks like a remainder to both. First, it indicates that the Al-Kaida is not dead and far from being inactive and disarmed after two invasions on Arabic soil.
The second point is that obviously the disgrace of Muslim lives by American soldiers is not forgotten in the Middle East. I'd be happier if this were also right in regard to the West. But patriots and War-Libertarians are still considering this war an effort worth its payment.
We will see, whether this will be the end result or I have to change my opinion.
Despite every effort of the US and the new Iraqi government to spoil the economic and social ascend of the Iraqi people, they still thrive for the highest, building a society that doesn't rely on foreign aid and governmental intervention.
Perhaps the US should think about this as well, sometimes the best way to win is to leave things to itself. Thousand people have a better chance to unwind the chaotic situation in Iraq than a dozen "intelletual" planners in Washington.

There is another indicationt for Bush's stupidity regarding the war in Iraq:

How can he order such strikes if he doesn't have solid

Indeed how can he...



Anonymous said...

well done kill all amerikans they diserve to die

Max said...

Well done saying nothing at all...

You know, I have spent for the victims of Katrina, I have friends in the US and I like many Americans. I don't hate or want Americans killed (that's why I believe US soldiers are more effective at home and not in some outback country that has no value to the ordinary American.

But I am no fan of George W. Bush and his policy, because of several reasons I have stated in the past.