Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bipartisanship in the US

So, Obama said it, he always is for bipartisanship and many a Democrat also said: Well, Obama tried bipartisanship but the Republicans just blocked him.

Well, there are not many issues that actually could be done on a bipartisan basis, where conservatives and progressives might agree. However, there are some that the more moderate centers of both parties could actually talk about.

One such is gay marriage, the other is drug legalization. They could start legalizing marijuana or at least dropping jail times from the punishment for that offence.
However, it is sad that Obama is not on board on either issue.

People told me multiple times that in the end, democrats would like to be bipartisan on many issues, if possible, that they want to reach out. But obviously gay marriage and marijuana legalization, the only two issues making headway state-wise, are not that important to our saviour Mr. Barack Obama.

I think these two issues symbolize that all the good that is said about Obama is mostly words and not many hard truth. The only two things he accomplished during his first presidency were calling back the troops from Iraq and supporting a health care law that would have never been implemented in any of the following countries: Germany, France, UK, Canada. All of them have been cited as a blueprint, but none truly were if you look at the actual law.

So, no, bipartisanship to increase the quality and the chance to pass of a law, really is no priority of the Democrats and the President.

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