Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When History is a cruel mistress

Never knew that one though it is quite obvious. The word “slave” doesn’t originate with blacks, but rather with “Slavs”, the people from Eastern Europe (which were victims long before the blacks even got traded over-seas). It is also sad that while Blacks are heralded as the perfect victim and showered with praise for their emancipation, the Slavs are not even recognized.

However, as a people, the Slavs benefited from this distinction. While the Blacks still wallow in the mire that is victimhood, the Slavs have essentially freed themselves. The Slav today, is no longer a slave (except in the sense that all Europeans are slaves to their nation states), while sadly some blacks remain slaves in their minds. Mind you, I am not talking about ALL blacks, but many still think that they cannot achieve anything and that education is a vile thing invented by the white men to oppress them. Instead they prefer to frequent the shady societies that life has to over.

Am I racist? I don’t think so (proof me wrong). I am just saddened by the origin of the word slave and by the fact that some people remain slaves in their minds, even though they are not.

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