Friday, January 28, 2011

Daily Kos Satire and what it tells about the mindset

Well, if you will look at THIS funny piece of satire for a moment, then you grasp the full mindset of most left-leaning people in the world, may they be Daily Kosians from over the pond or European Social Democrats. The world over, they believe the same about libertarianism.

While I enjoyed the funny pictures and job titles though some are real jobs and have to be done, because the beloved state does wage war on foreign soils, so they really need coffins for children, the lengthier description below the pictures are what shines through. Often it is so that nasty satire reduces believes to a level where the REAL opinions behind them shine through.

If you read the texts, then you get the idea that the USA 100 years ago must have been a terrible terrible place to live in. And yet millions from the old world emigrated there to have a BETTER life.

It also uncovers the really gloomy and backward thinking mindset of those people. They prefer the Authoritarian and Egalitarian ideas that made the Sowjet Union or the Third Reich so successful as a motivational poster child. Of course, they don’t want quite that, they want a dumbed down version, more in line with the human rights conventions and UN policy.

Sadly, this is not possible, the rule of the absolute coercive rule of the majority ALWAYS invalidates human rights by discriminating a group or race of people. Of course, this is only then a problem when it is one of those groups these people like. If it is a group that in their moral code is BAD, then it is actually ok to discriminate. Ah yes, and the definition of what is bad and what is good is very vague.

Most times they can’t specify it, because their moral code must not contain an actual crime that is verifiable. There are crimes that are commit even by NOT coercing someone to do something he doesn’t want, but ALSO by giving someone something HE WANTS. This might be as bad a sin as committing a coercive crime.

I could reject and respond to all the ridiculous jobs they dream up, but why should I? First, it is satire after all, although very serious one as I see form their comment section. Second, if someone is paying for those jobs, why should that be a problem? It would be one soul less that is without a job and one person lucky that someone is helping him.

If there is a plague, then probably the CDC wouldn’t help very much if disaster simulations all around the world are right. So, isn’t it then prudent to have someone who goes through great risks to help us discard the unfortunate victims of a disease most likely spread by an angry ex-military general. Also, I believe that if you would count the death due to PURELY private warfare against the death of national war, we libertarians really win!

Even the worst medieval warfare was never as terrible as a decade of unspeakable horrors during the 20th century. And again, it was only possible due to the existence and the proliferation of governments. Would I gladly have mercenaries duking it out in my backyard and in exchange have WW I and WW II and the UDSSR not happening? In an instant! I mean, look at current Somali piracy, even if it is bad and someone dies now and then, they would need like a 100 million years before they would even approach the death toll of 5 years of war in Europe…

The other jobs are as valuable and necessary, though I doubt an orphanage with pimps would work for a long time (except for Europe of course). Not only are their gun-toting conservatives in the US which would be disgusted by this kind of travesty and probably kill those dicks, but even the children would sooner or later kill the pimp.

Even today, in the age of enlightened statism, we see trafficking of children over the borders of Mexico and Canada into the US. So what exactly does the state accomplish again?

So, I take it with a dose of humor and hope he will not ever eat a rat burger (though I have heard it is a specialty in China, so he should perhaps not go there then).

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