Sunday, November 07, 2010

Movie Trailers – Do or Don’t

I had a conversation about movie trailers with a friend of mine. I said that I don’t particularily like watching trailers of movies I like to watch. I prefer a written information. Not only is a trailer more of a marketing tool than an information tool, but it also can be misleading. The trailer for the movie “Enter the Void” I saw yesterday (a very good movie, although a bit too long) is bad, because it is misleading. I watched the trailer afterwards and it wasn’t even remotely what the film was about.

And I think some people watched the trailer and had wrong ideas about the movie. They went to the cinema with expectations that were not met and thus left prematurely. The trailer hurt the movie more than it helped, imo. Not only was the story different from the trailer, but also the mood and the atmosphere were not the same, which was one argument of my friends for watching trailers.

I then made the mistake of saying that I like watching trailers before the actual movie. Of course, my friend tried to pin me on my contradiction here. But there is no actual contradiction.

I like watching trailers in the cinema for two reasons. First, if there are more trailers, then there are less commercials, which I really hate, because I already paid a premium of 8-10 bucks for the movie.

Second, if they pick trailers of movies not many know about, then this might give you ideas to check out, which is a good thing. Otherwise, I would miss most of the movies out there (though at the moment I think cinema is far behind TV Series imo. The latter just revolutionized itself and has made a bigger step forward than cinema).

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