Thursday, February 11, 2010

Re: Super Bowl Audi Ad

By now even non-NFL-Fans will have seen or heared of the Audi Ad, which supposed to be funny (and the last scene is funny in a way) in a German state-loving way, but clearly is not. So, if you wanna see it, search it on Youtube and then continue to read.

Well, I found this article from a “progressive” internet site, which tries to justify it under the banner of “it isn’t that bad, because nobody takes it serious” (there is also a follow-up here).

He is mostly associating the resistance of the so-called “Right” to “Teabaggers”, which is an insulting word forTea-Party-Folks. Of course, he doesn’t share their belief-system, neither do I for the most part, because they are diffuse anti-government pro-government people that are now more inclined towards Neo-Cons than libertarians.

Now go back through the ad. Notice that everyone who gets busted is a man. There are lots more urban and suburban professional males in Audi’s target market than there are teabaggers.

Now, I don’t think I now the difference between the two, because I am a urban professional male and I believe that the display of this police is right out of Minority Report or Brave New World. They look cute, but they seem to have the same authority. And like rampant police violence in drug cases nowadays, they  seem to use similar measures on even less serious “crimes”.

Not to overthink it, I think he misses the subtle acknowledgement towards an ever increasing police-state. I thought those people had learned from one of their own masters: George Orwell, that a big and forceful police (and may it be good in its “mission” at first) always means bad things will come.

It uses especially examples that are commonplace (lightbulbs, recycling, plastic) and enforces the thought that green practice is necessary (while it is debatable in truth, there are pros and cons to all of them).

Yes, after all it is only an Advertisement and as such not really serious debate, but it still has underlyoing concepts I find not so bright.

Now, in his reaction to the user responses, he shows some emails that perfectly illustrate my problem with tea-party folks.

I am an advocate of civil discourse and obviously this is not possible for some people (on the left and the right), calling him a left wing commie, while he clearly is a progressive democratic-socialist. Of course, he himself can’t refrain from calling names either. Just because Southern US culture is different, doesn’t make his elitism any more valid or truthful, it doesn’t even give him any high ground (except amongst his peers).

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