Monday, May 21, 2007

To Stumble the Internet

While stumbling through the internt, I found this piece of quick thoughts.

The first thought is of no interest whatsoever, because it mostly lacks a point and is a mere observation. The second thought, however, is again interesting. Is a police state less dangerous, if the leaders are incompetent. Let's see and take an example from the real world. The Democrats started to establish a nanny state and with it the slow abolishment of privacy. Then, the dumb Democrats with their lovely ignorance got voted out of the house and instead George W. Bush came and he took these tools and manifested a more dangerous police state, because his advisors aren't as incompetent or stupidly naive as the Democrats.

So, I'd say, even if idiots and incompetent leaders were there today, there could be intelligent and malicious leaders in place tomorrow. This just happens in Democracies, because they allow the worst kind of power: Power to the Incompetent and Lowest Denomination.

But let's continue with issue number two. Funny thought, but again, he obviously has not seen tanks driving through deserts. Yes, they get sand particles into their works, but no it is not the sand that is dangerous, but the heat itself. A rocket full of sand couldn't penetrate a well-designed space-warship and so wouldn't hurt the machination. Also, sand particles can only be dangerous to high velocity parts with extreme forces (see bearings f.e.), because there the melting of sand to glas can cause distortions which would be disasterous.

Forth idea, straight out right, imo. Wikipedia is substituting thinking and remembering atm, but this will change with time :)

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