Thursday, May 10, 2007

The level science has sunken to...

Yesterday, finally lost its credibility, not only because they are censoring their comments (unwanted questions and opinions don't appear) and they don't engage into any serious debate with statisticians, but mostly, because they posted crap. The last one was a real no brainer, as anyone with a bit of intelligence could see. Just look here. I have seen a lot of good satire, and I have seen bad satire, but that belongs clearly to the last group.

They compare sun activity and sunspots and their influence of earth climate to the correlation of Republicans in senate and temperature (remember: Amount of pirates and global warming =) ). Sadly, they don't mean it as an all out joke, but rather want to show that this correlation is ridicioulous, because it lacks "physic" background.
However, they are wrong on this one, because a rise in the sun emission "constant" (which is by now rather a variable) does indeed change the amount of that penetrates the athmosphere.
So, there is rather a correlation of this than of republicans in senate. While they are right that the latter doesn't have a physics basis, the first one does at least have a theoretical chance. So, all in all, this is a no brainer that clearly shows that they are not only condescending to fellow research scientists (when they are engineers, f.e.!!!) but that they also don't understand the objection of the sceptics themselves.

If you look closely, you even see that they debunk themselves, because what they try to ridicioule is exactly what they themselves did with the temperature reconstruction...

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