Wednesday, July 17, 2013

RAI and beauty contests - some thoughts

Well, it seems like RAI is going to cancel the beauty contest of Miss Italia. The reason is most notably that in this feminist world, it is just not good form to publicly display naked women (see the beef Robin Thicke got from feminist small minds @ the Vice magazine). It seems that while it is entirely true and valid that men look at beautiful girls, it is not ok to discuss or celebrate this. Perhaps part of that reason is that they don't like the truth about it, or the truth that they themselves enjoy this kind of attention. I don't know, I never understood it and I never saw men in everyday life acting demeaning because of it.

However, this is not the point I want to make here, but rather that this kind of oppression is eerily similar to the kind of opposition to naked bodies in the Middle East. Both are lead by a majority and both believe themselves to be the pinnacle of enlightenment. Though each other, they would hate their guts. The existence of femen activists proves this and if you hear what Islamists trash-talk about Feminists behind closed curtains, you would blush or fear for your life.

And yet they use the same reasoning, the same fanatical devotion and moralizing. They are in their means and their ends pretty similar and that should make every normal man and woman uncomfortable. In the East the ugly head of Islamism engulfs more and more arabic states and in the west, the former pillar of relatively free societies, the ugly head of oppressive female socialism is making its round.

Lets hope that both of them are passing fashions or the future will look grim indeed, or at least pretty childless.

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