Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Da ich heute noch Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States weiter schauen möchte, fasse ich mich einfach kurz und aggregiere hier einfach ein paar Links. Ein Review dieser Filmreihe folgt natürlich, bis dahin kann hier schon einmal ein Vorgeschmack gefunden werden:

Michael C. Moyhinan - Daily Beast says its not so good

Jeremy Kuzmarov disagress

Oliver Stone defends his work

KPC gets down Gringo Style

Coyote has problems with Obamacare

Marginal Revolution has some bad news on Holland
I have to add here that this is interesting, because some hours ago I heard on the radio that the Euro-Zone had just passed the worst of the crisis... until Italy folded in on itself. How naive and uninformed can reporters get? Answer - A lot if they work for German radio stations.

Yeah - Killing Sprees don't happen in gun-free Europe... ( German)

This Article shows why not only Waltz but also Kuehnelt-Leddin was proud to be an Austrian (rather than German)

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