Saturday, October 20, 2012

Taylor vs. Krugman - A Lesson in Manners

I don't like reporting posts by Krugman, because they have long lost any objectivity that he had as a true economist, at least, for me. But I think it is still interesting to see this exchange between Taylor and Krugman as an exemplary case of bad manners.

Taylor writes a rather polite blog entry about the discussion on whether the recover lags behind other recession's recoveries. He refers here to an expert debate and whether policy and institutions have a meaningful influence, which he believes. Then we get the answer by Krugman who right at the beginning starts with partisan politics. This is very bad behaviour, because Taylor's post didnt mention neither Obama nor Ryan and yet Krugman makes an exemplary case out of it. It pulls the whole affair into politics, which is never a good idea if you want an honest informative and facts based discussion. This is what Krugman has become and why I still can't believe that rather moderate commentators like Cowen still respond as if Krugman were the trade economist of the 90s.

But what appears to be a rather enlightening afterword, is the fact that Taylor answered Krugman, without acknowleding the political partisan comments and just concentrated on the few economic facts Krugman sprouted.

As I said a perfect case of bad manners and good manners. Now, Mr. Krugman please step back and consider your posts in terms of politeness before posting them on your rather misnamed blog. I mean, for everyone except ignorant US citizens, the word liberal does not refer to progressives, democrats and general leftists.So actuall, Tyler Cowen would rather fit your blog than you do, because he is a true liberal (albeit certainly not a libertarian).

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