Thursday, April 07, 2011

Why I think the Greek are the cleverEST basterds there are!

Well, actually, that is an easy one. I think they are doing exactly what Human Action prescribes, they act according to incentives. They want to work as efficient as possible, which means to work as little as possible, while having enough to live off. So, they invented corrupt statism to protect themselves from any kind of work, except “public” work. A minimum of work to keep Greece afloat.

Then came the EU and they were quite intelligent and gathered that when they could join the EU, they would probably land in a win-win situation. The other nations would rather support the Greek than acknowledge before their citizens that their grand vision of a United Soviet Europe has failed (Remember, we once had a path to the United Nations of Europe, but that was closed by the Triumvirate of France, Germany and Italy).

So, now they are in the glorious situation to live as they want and live off the money of other people. They don’t have to worry that those people might stop paying their bills, because their masters will not face the humiliation of declaring the EU defunct. In the meantime, the EU will try to impose sanctions on the Greek but has no means to do so (and won’t do it out of fear of an open rebellion). The Greek will display some nice budget fakes that show how great an effort they are doing to clean up their finances while continuing with a status-quo.

All in all a superior master plan that I laude with all my vicious evil fibres that are left.

You can call the Greek evil, blood-sucking basterds, but they are genius in that way. And if you are clever, you will run to Greece. Sunny, nice people, not so much hard work and still all the benefits the rest of Europe has.

Also, it is exactly what my fellow Germans deserve: To suffer what they elected in the last 20 years, a bunch of idiots, while they were suffering a delusion and being just ignorant and arrogant.

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