Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why hasn't the right joined in the global warming/climate change frenzy?

That's a real interesting question, because it is so not true. It might still be half true in the US, where the Republicans still give the pretense to minimal government, but you just have to look to the Republican-run California to prove the hypothesis wrong.

In Europe the majority of right wing governments (except perhaps France) are more or less involved in Climate Change and "Environementalism" policies (though I am hard pressed to qualify them as such). Neither the German CDU, nor the Brown Administrations are immune to overreacting on climate change issues as we can by now see. They didn'T even threaten to abolish the taxes on gasoline when prices spiked and endangered businesses in Europe.

So, I can't understand why the left says "Those Right-wingers don't believe in Climate Change, they are evil" and indeed, the media and the think tanks of the left have already dropped this line and changed the slogan to evil-earth-hating scum of corporate shills who don't want to see the enlightenment!

Sorry, folks, such talk doesn't win me over. And it only establishes what I have believed since the first moment I heard such talk: Those over-the-head climate change policies that restrict liberty, self-responsibility and markets are not here to save the environment (that may have been their goal in the early 80s or 70s), but are just a new tool to forward the old claim of socilialism on the people and their liberties.
Sadly this seems to hold true, because otherwise mistakes such as this wouldn't happen:

Mining company Queensland Energy Resources has described as “hypocritical” Greenpeace’s decision to send its ship MV Esperanza to tomorrow’s protest against its proposed oil shale mine in north Queensland.

The 72-metre ship will arrive off Airlie Beach tomorrow as Greenpeace ramps up its protest over the proposed mine near wetlands and national parks adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef.

But QER director of corporate affairs Simon Eldridge today said it was hypocritical that Greenpeace was powering its “Soviet-era ship” that relies on diesel, to come to an area to protest against the production of diesel.

“They will be emitting CO2 as they go, but somehow they don’t acknowledge the irony or hypocrisy of their actions,” Mr Eldridge said.

Hypocrisy is the best currency of politics and ultimately the neo-environmentalism of nowadays shows its true colors. I really try to be more environmentally friendly, but when I hear and read the words of politicians and eco-spokesmen(and even more so spokeswomen!!!) then I shudder.
What they propose is so utterly similar with what Hitler and Stalin already proposed that I don't want to dig deeper any more.
They steer the policies in the same direction modern health-scare-tactics are already going: More socialism at the expense of the civil liberties.

Thank you national socialists of the Environmentalism Groups, but not with my aid!

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