Friday, April 04, 2008

IPCC Report Editor Comments

Thanks to Climate Audit, the Editor Comments to the IPCC Report are now online available, see here. It is pretty interesting to see on what level those so-called Scientific Experts work. They should, by the very nature of the process, only work on Scientific Issues. Sadly, this is not the case and the one entity that shouldn't object, has to correct the IPCC team.


b) G-3-182: U.S.A considers that Millenium Development Goal is a "politicial concept" ans so not relevant to the assessment.

It shows that in the end political interests among the scientists seem to dominate and influence the "scientific" nature. Indeed a sad but not unanticipated state of affairs, since, after all, the IPCC works for an government apparatus and as such is part of the political landscape.

Another interesting formulation:

a) G-3-26: Introduction - U.S.A. objects to including the idea that "water is now recommended to be a human right" (never formally accepted).

Why do they even have to obsess about it or write about it. Again, THIS is not a scientific issue but a political one. It's embarrising and revealing that only the USA objected and non of the other state entities. It shows that in the end hip-green ideology prevails in formulating a document for their agenda and not careful scientific discussion.

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