Monday, October 09, 2006

From a Forum

How American Republicans think that freedom of speech should work:

Q1: AS a Marine who did his time in Iraq even I can see the show is making blatant references to current events. I hope you realize that no matter what is said in favor or against the war it in no way tarnishes the memories of our brothers. Remember, the whole reason why we fight is for honor and to protect the freedom of all citizens to say what they want, even if we disagree. The true honor of a soldier comes from their actions, not from the external appreciation of others.

"We fight to protect the right of ordinary people to hate fighting"

A1: ha dont make me laugh. YOU are the bad guys you know, where is the honour in invading another country, stealing their oil, killing the citizens, and torturing the ones you miss?. everyone hates you, ask any other country in the world (except maybe israel)

Q1: Now its gotten out of hand...Its so easy to hide behind a computer monitor and say such things...say it to the face of a soldier, a marine, an airman, or a sailor and see what your face will look like after they unwrap the bandages.


This is what I say is the solution not only of US Republicans, but of military in general. Oh, it is not only the US military, or the Israelian military, but all military. They lost the sight of what is measured force and when to use it, and when not to use it. I think it is, because the military has lost value judgement more and more, handing it over to the civil government, which, frankly spoken, is most ill-suited to do any value judgement.

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